As a Safety Manager, you're also likely wearing the hats below!

Do you feel like a lawyer?

Constantly working to stay current regarding The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) related to your industry.

Do you feel like an accountant?

Pinching pennies, stretching what little budget you have and always needing to prove that your safety program actually saves the company money.

Do you feel like the enforcer?

Trying to get your employees to follow safe work practices.

Do you feel like you’re hitting your head against a wall?

Trying to get senior management to embrace a robust safety culture.

The Solution

Hearing Conservation

According to OSHA,” Roughly 30 million people a year are exposed to hazardous noise in their occupation. Hearing...

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Respiratory Protection

An estimated 5 million workers are required to wear respirators in 1.3 million workplaces throughout the United States....

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Occupational Services

FROST is committed to meeting the healthcare needs of our business community by providing high-quality, cost-efficient employer-focused programs.We...

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Emergency Personnel Services

Fast Response On Site Testing (FROST) offers a variety of services for our First Responders and Emergency Personnel....

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Hospital Services

Respirator Use in Healthcare Workplaces Hospitals and clinics are unique work environments with challenging occupational health and safety...

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Agricultural Services

Fast Response Onsite Testing (FROST) is the grower’s best friend when it comes to complying with respiratory protection...

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School Vision & Hearing Screening

Our ability to see and hear greatly impacts our ability to learn. Recognizing the importance of hearing and...

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Company Overview Video

A Few Words About Us

Fast Response On-Site Testing, Inc. (FROST) is a privately held corporation established in 1997.

With the vast experience of our staff and expert consultants, Fast Response On-Site is able to offer our clients the highest quality medical testing and OSHA health and safety compliance services.

Fast Response technicians are all CAOHC and NIOSH trained and certified and undergo frequent quality control reviews by our medical director. This insures that our technicians collect only the highest quality data for our doctors to review.

The standard operating procedures for Fast Response On-Site were designed and established by Christopher Dunn, MD, a Stanford trained and Board Certified Pulmonary Physician. Dr. Dunn is a leading physician in pulmonary medicine, critical care transportation medicine and environmental and occupational health. He is highly experienced in the field of medical surveillance, monitoring respiratory and hearing programs for industries.

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About Casey Terribilini - the founder


After decades of service as a First Responder, Chiropractor, Entrepreneur, Community Supporter and Wannabe Cowboy, I was looking forward to moving toward an exit strategy and retirement. But, after a twist of fate from an extreme horsemanship competition in 2011 (complete with a broken neck), I found my retirement forced and life priorities rebooted. Well, forced retirement and not walking didn’t suit my personality well and I have spent the years since learning to walk again, learning to ride again AND building FROST into the best service oriented mobile compliance company in the United States. Surrounded by a top-notch group of employees, friends, and family Fast Response On-site currently serves more than a thousand clients nationwide and performs over 100,000 fit tests and hearing screens annually.

What our clients say

From time to time – our clients like us enough to publicly tell us about it…their sentiments are below:

Join the over 1000 companies that use FROST throughout the United States

Give us a quick call at 831-477-2867 or use our contact form to the right to speak to someone today!

Join Now OR 831-477-2867

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