Spirometry Testing

All of Fast Response On-Site spirometry technicians have a valid certificate from a National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)-approved course. We guarantee that our Spirometry testing will be thorough and professional.


OSHA checklist for Employers:

  • Technicians and Clinical Healthcare Professionals: Technicians who perform testing should have successfully completed a National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)­approved course, or equivalent, within the past 5 years. A certificate should be available for you to inspect. The program should be supervised by a healthcare professional knowledgeable about spirometry accuracy and test validity. Documentation of the professional’s spirometry update training should be available.
  • Spirometry Equipment: A letter from the spirometer manufacturer indicat­ing successful validation testing of the spirometer, following current American Thoracic Society/ European Respiratory Society standards, should be available for review. The spirometer’s calibration is checked by the technician each day of use. Records of daily spirometer calibration checks should be maintain­ed and available for review.
  • Interpretation of Results: Worker’s results are compared to normal values. The report should specify the source of the normal or predicted values. If the testing satisfies a regula­tory requirement, then the appropriate predicted values must be used.Current worker’s results are compared to his or her previous baseline values, if available. This is the preferred method of evaluating change over time.
  • Reporting of Results: The healthcare professional reports the results to the worker indicating how the worker’s results com­pared to the normal range and whether changes over time require further medical evaluation.

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