Firefighter Respiratory Protection


Firefighters protect life and property on a daily basis. Often called first responders, they are usually the first emergency personnel at traffic accidents or explosions and may be called upon to put out fires or treat injuries.

Fast Response Onsite Testing (FROST) has more than 30 years’ experience in emergency services health and safety and is proud of its “cradle to grave” career safety and screening programs. As experts in respiratory protection and aerosol transmissible disease (ATD) prevention, FROST current oversees the initial screening and ongoing annual monitoring of over 5,000 emergency workers in California including fire, police and paramedics. Complete CalOSHA 5144 Respiratory protection and 5199 ATD services are available either individually, or on a companywide model.

The United States currently depends on approximately 1.1 million firefighters to protect its citizens and property from losses caused by fire. Of these firefighters, approximately 313,000 are career and 823,000 are volunteers. FROST realizes that with nearly 60% of all firefighters being volunteers and having limited resources they frequently are under protected for the vital service they provide our communities. Because they volunteer their services, any illness or injury from their volunteer work has a huge impact on their ability to make a living and support their families. FROST specializes in providing state of the art medical clearance and fit testing for both volunteer and full-time paid fire departments.


In recognition of this community service, FROST provides it’s health and safety services at a discounted rate for these volunteer agencies. FROST believes that these special community heroes should get the best health and safety screening and protection available at a price they can afford.

The September 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center (WTC) are a vivid reminder of how vulnerable first responders are to unexpected hazards. The collapse of the WTC created a hazardous environment where New York City Fire Department (FDNY) rescue workers faced numerous health and safety challenges. Virtually every firefighter and ambulance worker in FDNY’s workforce participated in the 10-month WTC rescue and recovery effort; thousands subsequently reported respiratory and other health symptoms.

NOTE: In 2002, the “WTC cough syndrome,” consisting of an initial cough followed by persistent upper and lower respiratory symptoms, often accompanied by gastro esophageal reflux disorder (GERD), was first described by our group. Since then, many investigators have also reported associations between WTC exposure and respiratory symptoms, abnormal pulmonary function and accelerated declines in pulmonary function.

  • When accounting for time and materials, FROST can provide these mobile services at your workplace for less cost than the local occupational health providers, while providing the services with a more cohesive and comprehensive result.
  • FROST provides enhanced Cal OSHA 5144 / 5199 and TB compliance with streamlined document management.
  • FROST aids the employer in risk management by providing extensive expertise in EMS and CalOSHA compliance with an arm’s length relationship to the employer.
  • Call FROST today to discuss your department’s needs and take the first step in enhancing the health and safety of your personnel.