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Pertussis (External Video Clip)
This condition can affect individuals at any age. If you’ve never seen an adult with a severe pertussis cough, check out this brief video clip of a 64 year old hospitalized male (from the New England Journal of Medicine).

The video is readily accessible online for viewing and teaching purposes. A link to this video, as well as video clips of babies with pertussis, are posted on the EZIZ Pertussis Resources page.

Respiratory Protection Newsletter by University of Cincinnati
This is an article summarizing the details of a respirator fit testing workshop held on April 17-18, 2012 by Dr. McKay
Download the article here

Respirator Safety from Department of Labor
When you must wear a respirator to protect yourself against airborne contaminants in your workplace, it is very important to follow proper procedures for putting it on and taking it off.

You have a right to a safe and healthful workplace. Whenever respiratory protection is required to be worn to protect you from hazardous airborne contaminants, your employer is responsible for implementing a comprehensive respiratory protection program and providing you with an appropriate respirator, in accordance with OSHAs respiratory protection standard, 29 CFR 1910.134. This program must include training, medical evaluation, and fit testing.
Respirator Safety

Hearing Conservation Videos
Hearing Conservation The Hearing Video 1
Hearing Conservation The Hearing Video 2

Vintage and Comical Respirator Videos
Respirator User Training 1930s
Respirator Testing and Certification 1934
How Not To Do Safety Training 1944
A History of Respirators from 500 BC to 1900 AD